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Santa, Sleigh, Elf and Reindeer

This jolly Santa with his sleigh, reindeer and elf companion make a spectacular impression whether used as a display in a mall or something to add to your collection of home décor. This full sized Santa is animated with a turning head movement and both arms raise and lower the reins.

His helper elf is holding on to the sleigh and his head moves from side to side checking Santa's route. Santa's two trusty reindeer have bobbing head movements and if two are not enough we have lots more back at the North pole.

If you prefer your reindeer flying we have special stands and poses to make that wish come true. Santa's handsome sleigh is hand made and painted in red and gold and comes fully loaded with a green velvet toy sack. This display is intended for indoor use but a version for use out of doors is also available. If you have any questions please contact our animation department at 973-423-5000.