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Santa's Toy Train Station

Item # Description Price

Conductor Elf With Lantern

Ht: 35" Right arm moves up and down.

Call for pricing

Sitting Trainman Elf With Candy Stick

Ht: 25" Arms move up and down putting candy stick in box.  Includes box with candy sticks.

Call for pricing

Trainman Elf Feeding Deer

Ht: 35" Arms move up and down offering hay to deer.

Call for pricing

Trainman Elves Carrying Giant Candy Log

2 - 30" tall elves swing their free arms as they carry the giant candy stick on their shoulders.  Candy Stick is approximately 4' long.

Call for pricing complete

Trainman Elf Loading Gifts

36" tall. Moves side to side at waist.

Call for pricing

Santa Throne Locomotive

Ht: 6'; overall width 78"; depth 2'.  Center of "locomotive" is a Santa chair, great for a photography setting.  "Coal Tender" has a seat so two or three small children may be photographed at one time.

Call for pricing


L: 4' Ht: 12" to top of car.  Includes gift boxes.

Call for pricing

Flat Car with Candy Logs

4' long x 20" wide x 12" high to top of car.

Call for pricing

Passenger Car

Ht: 40" W; 20" L: 4'.  Fawns move head up and down.

Call for pricing car only

Call for pricing with two fawns as shown


Animated Fawn

Ht: 30"; L: 25". Head moves up and down.

Call for pricing ea.

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