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Animated Outdoor Use Santa, Reindeer and Sled

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Animated Outdoor Bavarian Reindeer

Ht: 58" W: 48" Reindeer body is made of fiberglass and latex, and is covered with fur.  Head moves up and down.

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Animated Outdoor Santa

Ht: 50" Santa is made of fiberglass and latex and is covered in a soft vinyl costume

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Outdoor Sled

L: 5'  W: 3-1/2' Ht:  3-1/2'  Sled has a fiberglass, wood and sheet metal body and steel runners.  Gift bag and boxes are included as shown.

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Outdoor Candy Canes

8" diameter crock is made of fiberglass.  4" and 6" crocks are made of polyurethane.  Stanchion sections are made of PVC.  Canes are all wrapped with vinyl ribbon.

A:  8" Dia. x 9' Tall

B:  6" Dia. x 7' Tall

C:  6" Dia. x 5' Tall

D:  4" Dia. x 6'9" Tall




A:  Call for pricing ea.

B:  Call for pricing ea.

C:  Call for pricing ea.

D:  Call for pricing ea.

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