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Animated Outdoor Victorian Carolers

Man has a fiberglass body, and all Carolers are dressed in vinyl and have weather resistant glazing on face.

Item # Description Price


Animated Outdoor Caroler Man

Ht: 75". Arms move up and down.  Head moves from side to side.

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87A650 Animated Outdoor Caroler Woman

Ht: 66". Arms move up and down. Head moves side to side.

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87A728 Animated Outdoor Caroler Freckled Boy

Ht: 48"  Right hand moves up and down.  Head moves side to side.

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87A729 Animated Outdoor Caroler Boy

Ht: 43" Arms and head move up and down.

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86A727 Animated Outdoor Caroler Girl 

Ht: 41". Movement in head and arm.

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7WGA801OD Outdoor Winter Lamppost 

Ht: 90", Base dia. 13".  Full round moulded rubber and metal unit is illuminated.

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7A802OD Outdoor Cast Iron Railing

Ht: 38", overall width 50", dia. 12", rubber moulded has wood rail and base.

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