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Easter Bunnies' Egg Garden

* Standing bunnies are approximately 4-1/2' tall.
*Flower are made of stretch fabric.  
Plants stand on grass mats that cover a wood base.

Item #

01A1 Bunny with Hoe
Bunny moves from side to side at waist.
Call for pricing
01A1B Decorated Egg Plants
(4 Shown)
Ht: 24"
Call for pricing
01A2 Kneeling Bunny Rolling Egg
Bunnies move arms up and down
Ht: 38" L: 28"
Call for pricing
01A3 Bunny with Wheelbarrow
Head moves side to side.
Call for pricing
01A4 Bunny Popping Out of Giant Egg
Bunny moves up and down, and "pops"
Egg dia: 27"
Call for pricing
01A5 Bunny Painter with Pallet
Right Arm Moves Up and Down
Call for pricing
01A6 Bunny Carrying Stacks of Eggs
Bunny moves from side to side @ waist
Call for pricing
Flowers in Scene:
(From Left to Right)
01F13 5- Headed Sunflower Plant Call for pricing
01F11 Triple Tiger Lily Plant Call for pricing
01F12 Narcissus Plant with Bud Call for pricing
01F15 Assorted Flower Heads Call for pricing (12)


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