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Santa's Toyshop

Item # Description Price
98A611 Santa Toy Maker Painting Toy Train

Right arm and head move up and down.

Ht: 54" W: 23"

Call for pricing ea.
98A612 Toy Maker Elf Sewing Teddy Bear

Elf moves arm up and down with needle.

Head moves up and down.  Ht: of Elf 40".

Bear Ht: 30"x22" W.  Does not include drums.

Call for pricing ea.
98WA613 Toy Maker Elf Sawing Doll House

Right arm moves back and forth sawing.  Ht: 36".

Doll House - 24" L to top of saw, 18" W.

Call for pricing ea.
98WA614 Toy Maker Elf With Hobby Horse

Moves arms up and down putting saddle on hobby horse.  Ht: of horse including stool 48".

Horse 35" H X 30" L.

Call for pricing ea.
98A615 Toy Maker Elf on Floor With Tugboat

Head moves side to side.  Ht: 26" L: 35".

Call for pricing ea.
98WA616 Toy Maker Elf Hammering Toy Truck

Right arm moves up and down.  Ht: overall 33"

L: 37"        W: 24".

Call for pricing ea.
98A617 Elf Painting Toy Soldier

Right arm moves up and down.

Ht: 36" W: 24".

Call for pricing ea.
98W618 Santa's Toy Shop

Wood structure is trimmed w/ garlands and has higed "doors" for positioning.  Ht: 7' W: 12' D: 3'

Call for pricing ea.
98W619 Mailbox

Metal mailbox on wood stand is 3' tall overall.

Call for pricing ea.

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