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Santa's Express Air Tower

Item # Description Price
97AW600 Santa's Express Tower

Air Traffic Controller bear in tower and courier bear move arm up and down.  Ht: 9' Dia: 2'.

Call for pricing/ comp.
97AW601 Bear on Ladder Decorating Tower

Bear's right arm moves up and down.  Ht: inc. bear 5 1/2'.

Call for pricing/ ladder and bear
97AW602 Flying Delivery Plane With Pilot

Bear pilot's arm moves in an up and down motion.  Plane's propeller rotates.  L: 4' Ht: 30".

Call for pricing including bear
97AW603 Delivery Plane on Ground With Pilot

Bear pilot's head moves from side to side.  Includes gift boxes in net.  L: 4' Ht: 36'.

Call for pricing
97A604 Bear Pilot Turning Propeller

Bear's head turns from side to side.  Ht: 36".

Call for pricing
97A605 Bear With Mail Sack

Bear's arms move up and down hoisting mail sack.  Ht: 30".

Call for pricing

Cork Kernels                                Call for pricing lb.

Dacron Snow (125 square foot coverage) 

                                                    Call for pricing/ roll

Digitally Printed Vinyl Canvas Backdrop (8' x 28')

                                                         Call for pricing


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