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Bear Instructor With Easel and Route Map

Bear is 48" tall including stump.  Easel is 60" tall, 36" wide, and 16" deep.

Call for pricing/ comp.


Furry Students on Log

Log is 52" long by 10" diameter.  Overall height: 40".  Beaver moves right arm up and down, head side to side.  Skunk moves head side to side.  Fox moves both arms up and down and head side to side.

Call for pricing/ comp.


Reindeer With Leg Up

Ht: 56" L: 36".  Head is turned to look at the class, moves side to side.

Call for pricing ea.


Deer With Chipmunk Student Rider

Deer: Ht: 54" W: 52".  Deer moves head up and down.  Chipmunk moves head side to side.

Call for pricing ea.


Squirrels (9" Tall)

Latex squirrels are hand painted.

Call for pricing dz.


7' Bavarian Pine Tree

Diameter of trunk: 10".  Wallboard tree trunk has tissue overlay and strands on 2' x 3' base.

Call for pricing ea.


Digitally Printed Reinforced Vinyl Canvas Backdrop (8' x 28')

Call for pricing ea.

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