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Penguin Winter Wonderland


Item # Description Price
92AG633 Penguin Skater

Ht: 42".  Arms move up and down.  Penguin rotates on base.

Call for pricing ea.
92A634 Penguin Skier

Ht: 32".  Both arms move up and down.

Call for pricing ea.
92A635 Penguin Selling Fish Pops

Ht: 32".  Right arm moves up and down.  Head moves side to side.

Call for pricing ea.
92A636 Set of 2 Penguins With Sled

Height of standing penguin 32", overall length 32" of figure and sled.  Penguin pulling sled moves both arms up and down.  Penguin lying on sled moves head side to side.

Call for pricing ea.
92A637 Fallen Penguin Skier

Arms move up and down.

Call for pricing ea.
92A638 Assorted Costumed Baby Penguins

Stationary figures have assorted style hats and scarves.

Call for pricing ea.
91A627 North Pole

Ht: 69".  Diameter: 6".  Painted wallboard unit is frosted and has rope trim.

Call for pricing ea.
  Digitially Printed Reinforced Vinyl Canvas Backdrop (8' x 28') Call for pricing ea.
J4405 Dacron Puff (125 sq. ft. coverage / roll) Call for pricing ea.

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